Thursday, 19 November 2009

torn out newspaper pages...

Here, and I know this is what you, and you, and, in particular, YOU have been waiting for, is a collection of recent writings and other bobbins for Drownedinsound.

I hear children on buses, old men in pubs, vicars giving sermons, married couples bickering, toddler's first words, playground chants, pub quiz questions, protestors, all demanding for this blog post to be written. That's not even counting the pieces of grafitti, other blog posts, petitions, letters, faxes, texts, emails, pages, novels, manuscripts, poems, limericks, songs, speeches, tweets and videos I see. Now, you can all stop hassling me, for a few weeks, cos here they all are.

Why? video documentary

The Northwestern

Eat Skull



David Cronenberg's Wife

Cymbals Eat Guitars

and here, as a sly bonus for clicking on all of them, is this: