Friday, 3 September 2010

Parallaxed Retinue

...been a while. feel like 'clicking' these links will be more fulfilling than doing a blog. feel like writing as if I'm Tao Lin will somehow denote 'style', and give these sentences more 'importance' than they deserve. feel apathetic, yet sated. feel that this paragraph has wasted my time, and your time. feel like i'm going to stop this trope now.

sooooo, clicky here:

and then you can see EVERYTHING i've written lately, bar what is in notebooks.

highlights include -
Beth Ditto's kleptomania with 'hilarious' "gawd, she's so fat" comments
WHY? interview in curtailed format
Guns N' Roses getting bottled
Radiohead the horse with uppity person calling me out for calling race horses "gee gees"
Dirty Projectors review
And, a first listen to Crystal Castles II

That'll do you. Ciao.