Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mechanical Bride- Black Skeleton Key EP (Transgressive)

Like her haunting cover of 'Umbrella', 'Seaworld' continues the sparse and ghostly feel that she has demonstrated to such great effect. A xylophone gently tinkles away , reminiscent of lullabies and nursery rhymes, whilst Lauren Doss warbles away beautifully.

The lyrics to 'Shuffle' articulate the sinister ambiance, crooning about the “bad dreams that haunt you” over off key guitars. The arrythmic melodies add to the sense of unease and dread. Images of Tim Burton movies are conjured.

The last track, aptly titled 'The Final' is the most conventional of all the tracks, the minimalist feel of the earlier tracks abandoned for a sombre oscillating piano thread running through the sad vocal tapestry. It's more traditional melodies make it sadder and prettier, and more than equal to the other tracks.

Mechanical Bride are like a slightly less quirky Cocorosie, or Laura Marling's maudlin sister. Not music to listen to on dark and stormy nights, or bright and sunny days, but those times of longing and sadness as you stare out of a rain spattered window.


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