Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Peaches- 'Talk To Me' (XL)

The woman responsible for tracks including 'Fuck The Pain Away', and whose last album was entitled 'Impeach My Bush' has returned to us with a relatively clean track. Sure, it is still ostensibly about bumping nasties. This time though, the lyrics are acceptable for daytime radio. The most racy they get is when Peaches “Let it be and hold you tight, Scream at me for just one night.” Hardly going to get BBC radio bosses sweating into their cappuccinos. Where's the girl who declared “Motherfuckers want to get with me, lay with me, love with me.”

She's been domesticated. 'Talk To Me' even sounds a bit like The Gossip. This is definitely not a good thing. Peaches used to have jagged electric beats. This new version seems tame. At least the electro returns for B side 'More.' She even brings back some of her old bravado, promising she's “going to whip this party into shape.” If there was a little bit more melody in it, the track would provide the perfect vehicle for her return. With 'Talk To Me' she seems a pale shadow of her old strap on wearing self.


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