Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wavves- 'So Bored' (Young Turks)

Generation X, man. Rad. Etc etc. I'm 'So Bored.' Stick it to the man. Wavves are hyped on the blogosphere, their pop joys hidden under a layer of vicious noise. All the cool kids like 'em, so why don't you? Times New Viking comparisons are inevitable, and unavoidable.

It's loud, it's dirty, it's brilliant. A guitar riff plays out in the background, swooping female vocals join Nathan on his disaffected vocals. The noise acts as another instrument, another tone added to the mix. Much like Times New Viking, the question remains as to whether the songs would sound nearly so good cleanly produced. This matters little when the finished product is so special.

'How Are You?' marks a change from the sounds of the album, a slowly strummed detuned lullaby, the static hiss quietened to a whisper. It shows an almost sweet side, a skinny jeaned balladeer. “There's a hole in my head, I won't make it to 25.” It's a strung out melancholy beauty. Both tracks here show that Wavves deserve every plaudit chucked their way.

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