Monday, 23 March 2009

LR Rockets- 'Dance It Away' (Silverdoor)

Here's a mental image challenge. One of the B sides here is called 'Death of the UK'. And the band you imagine is.... The Enemy, right? Some kind of awful landfill indie band anyways. Well, the A side is out to trick you, so watch yourself, boyo.

'Dance It Away', is full of false promises. Guitars descend in a very a la mode fashion, and a pacey bassy burble create energy and momentum. It's a track you can imagine sounding even bigger, and greater live. The bad images are dispelled.

Then it all goes wrong on the aforementioned 'Death of the UK'.“The UK's in a mess, what we going to do?” Unless this is irony of the archest kind, the song runs like some awful Daily Mail op ed piece written by a terrified crone with poisoned veins, reporting “Kids have got knives stabbing one another.” Fevered broad strokes painted over the whole British youth, the lyrics only get worse.

They're worth a further dissection. Here's a couple of couplets from near the end of this sub-Twang drivel. “UK's in dismay, we haven't got a clue, the stupid things they say, the stupid things they do.” They, one must presume, are the 'politicians'. All that emerges is empty ignorant sloganeering rhetoric. And the worrying idea that some other poor band didn't get signed in place of these morons.

Just like an errant son with an unforgivable flaw they then try to make it up to you with a energetic slice of paranoid filled rock in 'Animal'. The melodies are derivative, but LR Rockets are good enough at what they do to almost overcome the barrier. But the damage is done. I'm not upset. I'm just very disappointed.

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