Monday, 23 March 2009

Sky Larkin- 'Beeline' (26/1/09 Wichita)

The almost inevitable one-two nature of tips for the years then becoming a success means that Sky Larkin are due for some amount of success in '09.

Not that this is even their best track, what with 'Antibodies' around. 'Beeline' still does good work, with a grungy outro and a general air of 1990s college rock filtering around. It's like a pepped up Pavement, fronted by a Northern lass with a beautiful croon.

The word 'driving' rises to the fore like bubbles in a lemonade. You try to avoid writing it for its horrible late afternoon radio connotations. But it's driving in the best sense, a song with movement, poise and joy in its two and a half minutes.

All that and we didn't even mention the single has been released as a watch. More practical than Of Montreal's lantern, for sure.

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