Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh, Atoms- 'Sugar Mouse/Let's Go Away' (Lucky Motel)

These songs feature: confectionery references, a guiro, banjo, cheap keyboard noises. If this were a crossword clue, the answer would be 'twee'.

Belle and Sebastian are conjured over the melange of instruments that make up the Oh, Atoms acoustic orchestra. The lyrics on 'Sugar Mouse' reference sweets and a lover, being all clever and metaphorical. Regard: “Just a quarter of you would be better than this empty wrapper.” Cynics would dismiss this all as sickly fey indie kid nonsense, but they fail to see the pop loveliness conjured up.

On 'Let's Go Away' things get a little Slow Club, a simple duet backed by ukelele and guitar. It bemoans a lost love – “Nobody does it like you, but you're gone” - pure sentiments over sparse music. It is a heart tearing moment of gentle beauty, and shows the magic that Oh, Atoms have within.

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