Sunday, 22 June 2008

Beck- 'Chemtrails' (XL)

You know those white lines in the sky, look like clouds? Well, they're contrails. But some people believe they are chemtrails. If you don't know, chemtrails is a conspiracy theory that the contrails of aeroplanes are chemicals sprayed out as part of a secret plan by the government to control our minds. Maybe to make us buy more cakes.

Beck is a Scientologist, so is well versed in these old conspiracy theories (jokes, Legal Department of Scientology). 'Chemtrails' evokes the floating of clouds, borrowing heavily from Caribou's electronic toy box. Gentle synth washes and sparse instrumentation create an airy, atmospheric feel, before propulsive drumming creates real movement in the piece.

Beck has made like a male Madonna and yet again reinvented himself for his new album. 'Chemtrails' is like a more electrified 'Sea Change', ambient and slightly sombre, but beautiful nonetheless. It's a gentle ease back into the public's ear, a slow afterburner.


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