Monday, 23 June 2008

prowling the dust: The Mouth- 'Just Passin' Through' (Pure Groove)

The blurb says the phrase 'terrace anthems'. One that essentially notes that the band described makes traditional indie rock, talking about “pubs, birds and booze”. Basically, avoid. Nightmarish visions of Oasis, the Enemy, the Twang and any other generic northern rock band involved in some rise to the foreground. In the background, the actual music.

Unsurprisingly, terrace anthems is appropriate. 'Just Passin' Through' summons the rotting corpse of Kasabian, plagiarizing the swagger into a passable song, yet without a modicum of the charisma. 'Cocaine Lane' has a motif so ripe for ridicule there's not any point trying. The Mouth just remind the listener of what was so turgid and boring about the music of the mid 90s, full of barely passable bands filling the airwaves with their lack of charm, lack of ideas and lack of genius. Destined for big success, then.


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