Sunday, 22 June 2008

Dirty Pretty Things- 'Tired Of England' (Mercury)

Once upon a time every teenage boy had an Arcadian dream in his heart. 'Time For Heroes' playing over and over their minidisc players. Red guardsmen jackets were bought. Jeans were artfully ripped.

And then, as we all know, the happy ending was ruined as the Libertines descended into hatred and mistrust, and were cleaved into 2 sides. Doherty, and the rest. But, more than the sum of their parts, the subsequent bands have failed. Neither Babyshambles nor Dirty Pretty Things manage anything close to their gasping heights, with only Doherty only very occasionally managing to get within 100 yards through his addled, Winemouse afflicted mind.

And here, DPT return. Have they improved? In a word, no. In two words, definitely not. 'Tired Of England' shows absolutely no progression from the first album, carrying on the Libertines wading through molasses tempo, with the added bonus of having all the interesting corners knocked off.

“How can they be tired of England?” Carl asks. Because this kind of idea-less, plodding tedium, makes you want to smash your speakers up with a claw hammer. It dominates the English 'indie' scene and leads to despair at how interesting bands like Los Campesinos! are relatively ignored in favour of this shit.


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