Monday, 30 June 2008

prowling the dust- Sunny Day Sets Fire- 'End Of The Road' (Brik A Brak)

Global warming and all that malarkey. The end of the world? The end of the world as we know it? Meh, who knows, but if it is, Sunny Day Sets Fire are partying like climate change is just a tiny cloud on the growing horizons of a knee high to a grasshopper Al Gore. Basically, this song is retro.

Starting with a surf tinged guitar, like a party scene in Heartbeat, the diverse nationalities of Sunny Day Sets Fire slowly bring the sixties pillaged riffs chiming into the background, just like the Coral used to do. Melancholy tinged, but a perfect tessellation of all the components that make sunshine skiffle pop. Beat, tremolo, stab chords. Like eating a sunbeam, but less dangerous.

'Lack Of View' replaces the upbeat with the down, a watercolour wash of summer sadness, a raincloud over your picnic. It meanders, a lazy river, before it flows into instrumental ocean crescendos and lullabies. Sunny Day Sets Fire to your heart. Swoon.


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