Monday, 23 June 2008

prowling the dust: This Is Pop- 'This Is Pop' (This Is Fake DIY)

Is this pop? What is pop? Am I pop? Are you pop? So many questions, so little space. This ain't no essay. So sadly they remain bouncing round the cosmos, waiting for another place, another time. This Is Pop are French. They sing in English. They have accents. Like the Teenagers, this is a good thing.

'From The Front' bears some resemblance to the pop punk rantings of Elastica, with an added smattering of synth beats. It is filled to the brim with energy, like a toddler on a Lucozade, Red Bull & Tizer cocktail. This mini album goes by so quickly it's waving you goodbye before you've had chance to make its proper acquaintance.

'Outside' flails along the same lines, tempo racing to fast to the conclusion, snapshots of songs you want to hug and squeeze til they're a flopping corpse in your sweaty embrace. 'Ashes' briefly slows the speed, a temporary lull before feedback drapes you into 'BPM'. The Hives fronted by Justine Frischmann, and you're halfway there.

'We Play/You Come' is a glorious statement of intent, “We just want to be your favourite band” gargled over glee filled squelchy keyboards. 'X-Berg' adds disco handclaps to the heady mix, before the dirtysleazy computer workout of 'This Is Pop' closes the record.

This Is Pop is as accurate a description as you could get. Like 'cuntish nonsense' for the Enemy. Great melodies, shouty vocals, disco heavy sounds. Grand.


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