Monday, 23 June 2008

prowling the dust: Those Dancing Days- 'Hitten' (Wichita)

They're Swedish. Cue monologue about how “Sweden have carried on their fine tradition of producing great pop bands, from Abba to the Concretes, to now, this new band from the glacial north, Those Dancing Days”. Well, glad we avoided that foible.

'Hitten' is much like their fellow Swedes the Concretes a combination of synths and twangy guitars and female sirens that lull the listener into a melancholy sunshine revelry. Swedish for 'The Hit', it is a self confident appraisal of a self evident truth. Slight hints of New Order and Peter, Bjorn and John play out. It's all, just, well, lovely. 'Tasty Boy' goes on about a lad tasting “soft and smooth” like strawberry ice cream, and the sweet melodies show off the potential Those Dancing Days have. The pop field has new Swedes to coo and preen over.


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