Sunday, 22 June 2008

28 Costumes- 'Erika'

28 Costumes have been knocking around a few years now, wandering the streets of 'indie' like lonesome troubadours, bivouacs strapped to their backs. Looking a little bit like Fletch from Hollyoaks, but without the track marks.

'Erika' marks the band's return, a piece of epic guitar work, frantically scaling up and down the fretboard. Call and response vocals, and every line finishing with a shout all add to the bluster, buffeting your ears with beautiful melodies. It channels a pinch of British Sea Power, a hint of the Killers, but makes the influences their own.

On the flipside of the CD (well, not technically, it's not vinyl. On the flipside is the label. Duh) comes 'Death Mask', a similarly paced frantic race. It fails, though, with just not enough going on to match 'Erika'. Few tracks can, however, with enough ideas and promise to get tongues salivating for the new record.


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