Monday, 30 June 2008

prowling the dust- The Lodger- 'The Good Old Days' (Bad Sneakers Records)

The good old days. Bobbies on every corner/used to leave your door unlocked/helping grannies cross the streets/casual racism/sexism/homophobia. Nostalgia for times just as broken as these. Whatever. The Lodger only seem to care about them in a 'I want you back' way.

Disco flecked, strutty guitar and all, but ultimately yawn inducing. “I have been so lost and broken, I have been so nasty to you.” The sounds of a wet blanket turned human and tapping at your window with a chewed up corner, trying to say sorry through the manly tears dribbling down its woolen face.

This song is like a Saturday Night Fever Coldplay, upbeat guitars and soppy lyrics, a sodden mess of a song bleeding its broken heart all over your speakers. I'm not crying with you, I'm crying for you.


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